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Syndication is a highly effective way for retailers to quickly increase the volume of product reviews they display. Brands, typically first to collect this valuable user generated content (UGC), are eager for retailers to feature these on their eCommerce sites. By sharing their reviews with their distribution partners, brands can help products stand out and sell better, as higher review volumes have been proven to increase sales.

For retailers, this open approach can greatly increase the number of brands participating in their syndication programs and drive review volume, while relieving their partners of steep syndication “network access fees” charged by closed networks.  



No technical integration is necessary, and brands can have reviews added to the TurnTo network and displayed on partner eCommerce sites within a day or two. Retailers view and manage their syndicated content from within the TurnTo dashboard for complete moderation control and reporting insights.

TurnTo also provides API access so merchants using other platforms – typically legacy home-built systems – can benefit from product review syndication for the first time, as well. 


Case Study

CPO Commerce, which sells power tools from all the major brands, switched to TurnTo’s Open Review Syndication and experienced powerful gains.


Previously, the retailer used a closed network, and because many of the brands and manufacturers whose products CPO sells were not on an in-network platform, they missed out on the syndication of potential reviews, disappointing vendors who wished to participate but couldn’t.

With TurnTo’s technology, CPO more than doubled the number of brands from which they received syndicated content while increasing the total number of reviews displayed by more than 250 percent. 


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